Month: November 2012

Tom Kendall of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast.

Introduction to Permaculture course

Permaculture Noosa is sponsoring an Introduction to Permaculture Course.  This offer is open to the public; you don’t have to be a member of Permaculture Noosa. The course is taught by Tom Kendall, and is a great way to find out more about Permaculture. Whether you have just discovered Permaculture and would like to know […]

Teddy standing (or should I say hanging) guard by the entrance to the vegie garden against the bush turkeys

Talking Teds

A good friend of mine had a problem with a Bush Turkey (also called Scrub Turkeys, Bush Chooks and I am sure a number of other names not suitable for publication…) The Bush Turkey had decided to make a nest very close to his home, and he was […]

Shoveling the sawdust into the dam

Sawdusting the dam

We are lucky to have a local sawmill, where we can always find an abundance of sawdust for use in our garden. We also have a friendly neighbour, who has a large pile of rotting sawdust on his property which we have access to. 

Dahl, with potato bake and a green garden salad with a nasturtium and avocado dressing.


Although not made from homegrown ingredients, our dahl is so popular with the students, I thought I would post the recipe here. Also, lentils keep very well for a long time, providing it is stored in a air tight container and pests cannot get to it. This recipe […]


Superstorm Sandy; the new normal?

A freak storm, never before seen. After the end of the normal hurricane season, this “superstorm” developed and severely affected the Carribean and northern US, killing people and causing devastation everywhere. But are we really that surprised? Is nature trying to point out the error in our ways? […]


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