Month: October 2012

Message from an eleven-year old

Here is a message my 11-year old son gave me when he got inspired to write something at the “Let’s Connect” day in Beerwah. The day was great, wonderful to meet up with so many like minded people. Hopefully it will be an annual event! And it is […]

Productive container gardens

Tackling the Urban Challenge

Most people in the world today live in an urban environment. Although this comes with advantages such as closeness to facilities, community, markets etc., it also comes with challenges for those who would like to live more sustainably and are keen to become more self reliant and grow […]

Spraying Bio-fertiliser in the vegie garden

Sustainable Soil Management

We had a wonderful week here at PRI Sunshine Coast, with Paul Taylor joining us on the property and teaching everyone about Sustainable Soil Management. 360 Litres of Bio Fertiliser, 160 Litres of pro-biotic (compost tea) and  2 1/2 cubic metres of compost was made, and tonnes of […]

The finished dam with reflection of the banana trees...

New property addition

Introducing: Full Moon Dam. Created as part of the Earthworks course that ran from 24 – 28 September, the process of digging this dam displayed the challenges of creating a dam in shale, and took student through the whole process, from design through dig to rehabilitation. 


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